Ways you can use your Mala

Our deepest wish at Intentional Beads is that you listen to the call of your heart. So in saying that, Please feel free to use your mala how your heart chooses. There is no wrong way of using your mala.

In case you would like to know how we use our mala, we will share our practice.

We start by allowing your heart to give you a mantra or positive affirmation and set that intention into your necklace or bracelet. Now you can repeat this sacred message to your soul for each of the 108 beads or you can simply repeat it to yourself each time you feel/notice your necklace or bracelet throughout the day. This mantra can stay with your for the day or you can carry it into the week or even the entire month. Only you know how long you need to infuse this message into your being.

If you are looking for inspiration for affirmations, please click on our link below and follow us on Instagram. We are also currently working on a deck of affirmation cards that can be used in conjunction with your mala. We will keep you posted once this enters production mode.

How to Hold Your Mala in Meditation

A beautiful thing I had learned in my journey into malas was how to hold the beads when doing your meditation. 

I had first started by holding each bead with my thumb and first finger. Later, I discovered that the traditional way was to use the middle finger and thumb! The reason is so beautiful.

If we think about how we use our pointer finger, it is typically used to "accuse", to point out,  to add blame. It is a very forceful act.

Meditating with your mala is intended to be an act of gentleness and reconnecting with your higher self. The last thing we want is for you to accuse yourself of anything. Gentleness is the key here. ♡

So we encourage you to rest your mala over your middle finger and pull the beads towards you with your thumb with each mantra/repetition/breath.