Affirmations in all of their Glory

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are beautifully inspired phrases and intentions that you set into motion. An affirmation is an easy tool to get you into the energy of abundance and joy that you are meant to experience here. An easy way to start affirmations is with an "I am" statement. It doesn't need to be complicated. And it shouldn't feel like you are lying to yourself. Find that feeling behind the statement. For me, when I repeat the phrase, it is almost as if it is expanding with each repetition! I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful.... If you feel like a fraud as you repeat your phrase, find something else that triggers some more joy. Maybe, "I am inspiring" makes you feel lit up. Find what works for you. Be positive with yourself.

Every time you use the phrase "I am..." and feel the truth it holds for you, you summon forth all of the universe and declare that it is!

You tap into the very essence of who you are. You start to remember your birthright. 

Be mindful of the words you are using to describe yourself. The universe sees you in the light of success and love. Know that you are worthy of seeing yourself in this light too. Let the universe know you agree.


With my affirmations I also like to use "I love" statements. "I love all of the creation I get to partake in today" repeat it. Feel it. Let it keep expanding. I sometimes allow my "I love" affirmations go on a complete rampage! I let it run wild! I expand to each thought that crosses my mind! All the things I love!

I dare you to find 108 things that you love today!

(You can even use this exercise with your little ones. At night before bed, at least once a week, I do this activity with my 3yo. I feel this allows her to appreciate her day and all that is surrounding her experiences. It brings her vibration up and I notice that falling asleep on those nights is much easier.)


Affirmations can also be beautiful pieces of dialogue.
You can declare to yourself how you see your life exactly as you hope it all to turn out. Speak of this future like you are living it right now! Take a moment, write down all the desires you have. Your living situation, the people in your life, your income, your experiences that you want to have, where you want to travel. Now take a moment and write about your life like this is already taking place. Feel how wonderful it is to declare all of your dreams. Try and hold that feeling for 17 seconds. You are worthy of all of your dreams and more. Our dreams do not rise up within us to tease us. They rise up to inspire us. These dreams are our birth-right.


I am excited for you as you start creating the life you were born for through your affirmations today.

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Some morning my momentum falters. It even comes to a complete stop.
I feel my feet are dragging in mud. I can't even get dressed... it's too much work.
But at those moments I hear the voice inside...
"Come on, you can do this. Take the next step forward. Reach in and harness that courage to move." In that very same moment, I now have a choice. To listen or throw the cheering to the wayside.

Today, I choose to change the thought that the next step is too much work.
I choose to allow my courage to give me the strength and energy I need to see my day through.
One moment at a time.


May today be filled with courage. May you feel the energy that stirs up inside of you. May you harness it to move you through each step of your way. Big or small ♡♡♡

Today I march forward. I feel all of my potential. All of the greatness that I posses.
But I am humbled by it. I am grateful for it's existence. Without it life would be mediocre. Creation of worlds would not exist. There is deep gratitude, that it all lies within us.
So, as I sit in deep appreciation of all the potential that expands within us, I move forward today to share it with you and you with I.
This is my mission.
This is my purpose.


Often we have gifts and talents that we hide.
We are afraid of what the viewers will say, we are afraid of what change will come with stepping forward and being seen.

If you are being called to step forward and be seen, know you are safe. Know that the gifts and talents that you will share are a form of medicine that this world needs.

Your tribe will rise up and meet you as you rise up and show the true you inside.

I see you. And you are beautiful ♡♡♡

I med a beautiful soul yesterday that gave me a beautiful reminder.

I am doing a great job!

She encouraged me to remind myself of this everyday.

A beautiful reminder of self compassion.

A beautiful way to honor myself and all of my accomplishments.

A beautiful way to forgive ourselves for our judgements.

May you too know that you are doing a GREAT job!

I am proud of you!

The new moon is definitely effecting myself. There is a huge stir within me. I am feeling heavy... but it is in this moment I need to remember how loved I am. This week the Universe has shown me countless times the love that is constantly around me. The support and thoughtfulness my soul desires. I am reminded that the love I crave comes from deep inside of me.


So today, I settle into these words...

I am loved,

I am loved,

I am loved.

May you too today know how much you are truly loved.

We think things can't get any worse or can't get any better. This is just something your mind has told you based on what you have been taught.

All your mind can do is tell you things you have already gone through.

It doesn't know yet where you heart and soul will lead you.

So what I would love for you to do is dream, right now. What are the beautiful things that come through?

You are as great as those dreams and more!

Our fears from our past hold us back from dreaming fully. So believe it!

You are much bigger than the stories you run in your head.

So much love to you. I am so excited to see you reach your greatness!

So many times we want to know how our dreams will come true.

We work ourselves up. We worry.
Take a break and trust each step as they come. The universe has a million ways how to make your dreams come true. Don't get in the way of the process by getting stuck on the "how"
#mantra #process #trust #mala #intentionalbeads


I am more than capable.


All of your potential is right inside of you.

You ARE capable. You CAN do it!

You were meant to see it through

#intentionalbeads #iam #capable #youcandoit #mala #mantra #thepowerofrepetition

I fee the earth support and nourish my being.

How lucky we are to live on such a beautiful and abundant planet.

All that we desire and require lie within her!


Today, take a moment to really see and appreciate this beautiful provider of life. Touch that tree. Admire the growing sapling. Listen to the songs of the birds. Smell the flower. Drink her water. Feel her energy.


Thank you. Thank you beautiful mother earth for sustaining is and keeping is rooted. May we continue to respect you and keep you thriving for eons to come