Meet the Creator and Voice of Intentional Beads

Gloria is the Soul behind Intentional Beads. She is a mother to a Spit fire, loving, creative, silly little human, the wife of her first love and the youngest of 4 sisters. Life for Gloria is always spontaneous and expansive. She loves discovering new things and enriching her life.


The path that led her to creating malas happened before Gloria even realized this was something even dreamable for her life. Gloria has been making spiritual jewelry and emblems since she was a young teenager. Always seeking new and interesting ways to remind ourselves of our spirituality. 


Just before Gloria had her daughter in 2013, she had seen a friend wearing a mala and was instantly intrigued. No deep thought was taken at this moment, but a spark of interest ignited. She investigated superficially and let it fall to the wayside, but still knowing that there was something special here....

Another important piece of information about Gloria is that she is also a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada. This allows Gloria to meet many different souls from many different walks of life, something that she loves about her career as a RMT. One of her clients is a practicing Hindu. Instantly that spark towards malas resurfaced, and this time Gloria had to listen to her soul. Her client shared how she and her family use their malas and the importance it carried for them. She started reading, asking questions and learning about the history or Malas, Rosaries and prayer beads that are in so many different religious practices and realized that this is a beautiful spiritual practice that we can benefit from across the board. Unsure of how to move forward, Gloria allowed things to "brew" and "bubble" inside her. She knew that the inspiration would come in Divine timing.


On Family Day 2016 she was doing a massage house call appointment. She was seeing 5 people at the one house. Gloria was so grateful for the abundance in work and while she treated she found herself repeating "thank you" for hours! It hit her like a ton of bricks. This is how malas are used! To set and increase one's intention. Each time she said "Thank you" she felt it expand and grow deeper in gratitude. She knew at that moment the name of the creative process would be called "Intentional Beads". Everything after that just started flowing.


The coming together of the malas that Gloria makes have all been intuitively created. She waited for inspiration and ran with it. She felt such a strong connection to Olive Wood, which is typically the main bead/wood used in these malas. Olives in general having a deep connection to her roots as a child in an Italian home and the significance of the Olive branch in the Christian Bible when Noah knew that they were saved from the flood that cleansed the earth. And then all of a sudden, she was inspired to infuse the entire mala with semiprecious stones.

Gloria has since expanded into different combinations of beads based on what her heart and soul inspire her to do along with inspirations that come through some of her patrons.


Gloria is so grateful that her life has now opened up this beautiful new avenue in her life that allows her to be creative and remind others how loved, safe and worthy they are. She wants deeply to influence a future of coming back to our soul. A future she feels good leaving behind for her child and all future generations.

Intentional Beads

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