Return Policy

Due to the nature and intimacy that this piece of jewelry has on your soul, Malas are non returnable. We ask you to really listen to your heart when you choose your mala. If you are feeling some resistance with the mala you end up choosing, maybe there is something in that mala that is triggering in you to work through or maybe it is intended for you to gift to someone else.


Please check out our tab "About Your Mala" for information on picking a mala.


If your mala breaks within 30 days of your purchase (receipt required) we would be more than glad to repair it at no charge. If the mala requires to be mailed there will be a fee to have it mailed back to you.

We are so grateful for your understanding with this policy. Our goal is to have a well balanced energetic exchange.

Up-leveling Your Mala

Each mala is created with deep, loving intention. When you purchase one of our malas and take them home, you infuse it with your specific mantra or intention that you are needing for this chapter of your life.

Our hope is that your mala will stay with you forever, but sometimes life has other plans.

If you mala ever breaks or comes apart (after the first 30 days after purchase), do not be dismayed. It is time to up-level! You have grown and evolved and it is now time for you to re-examine you life and what areas you would like to evolve further.

If you are still feeling a connection with your mala, we would be so honored to "recreate" it.

During the recreation process, we will restring your mala, add new beads where others may have broken or gotten lost and set a new intention into it.

Because this process does require our time and new supplies,  there is a fee of $50 to have your mala recreated and shipped to you.

We are so excited for each chapter along your journey!