Life is simple... and I choose to let it be easy.

Materials infused in this creation:

Lava Stone Marker Beads and Spacers

.925 Silver Around the marker beads

108 Olive Wood Beads

Lava Stone Guru Bead



This mala runs approximately 23" in length from the marker that rests upon your neck to the bottom of the Guru bead.


May this mala bring your peace in knowing that life is truly simple. We are the makers of the "drama" and we are the makers that get to choose when we walk away from it to embrace a more peaceful and fulfilling life. It really is that simple beautiful soul.


*Because this mala is made with lava stone, you can easily infuse your essential oils as lava is a very porous stone and great to hold onto your oils for extended periods of time


Full Lava Strung Mala


  • 0.41 kg
  • each mala is unique and are one of a kind
  • Ships within 1-3 days